Dr. Paul Lubitz


Dr. Paul Lubitz is a licensed Canadian dermatologist with over ten years of experience in the field. Currently practicing at his Bow Valley Dermatology clinic, located in Canmore, Alberta, Dr. Lubitz has expertise in performing a wide range of dermatological treatments, from medical dermatology with an emphasis on disease prevention, to skin cancer diagnosis and treatment to cosmetic surgery and skin enhancement.

Blessed with a strong, curious mind, Dr. Lubitz excelled at his schooling as a child. Ranking in the top of his class throughout his primary and high school years, in 1991, Dr. Lubitz graduated with distinction from McGill University. As a young boy, Dr. Lubitz had been struck with an interest in medicine. And now, with Bachelor of Science degree in hand, Dr. Lubitz returned to his interest in medicine and decided to apply to medical school.

The decision proved wise, as in 1992, Dr. Lubitz was accepted to the prestigious medical program at Queen’s University. Here, he once more excelled at school, and in 1996, Dr. Lubitz successfully earned his medical degree. A five–year postgraduate dermatology residency at the University of Alberta then followed this. In 2001, Dr. Lubitz completed his residency and earned his license to practice dermatology.

In addition to his plus ten years of experience as a dermatologist, Dr. Lubitz also has nearly ten years of experience owning and running his own dermatological clinic. Today, Dr. Lubitz practices out of the Bow Valley Dermatology clinic, which he owns and manages. Patient care and education are of the highest priority for the doctor and the Bow Valley clinic. With its small size and comfortable environment, this environment is the perfect space for Dr. Lubitz to provide attentive, loyal care to his patients.