Paul Jacobson-Miller

Learner, Teacher, and Father in Buffalo, New York

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My name is Paul Jacobson-Miller (he/him/his) and I have a strong fascination for learning, sustainability, social media, assessment and strength-based development! My top five strengths are Achiever, Strategic, Learner, Adaptability and Input.

I am always reading something that adds value to my life both personally and professionally and love discovering new resources and trends. I am fascinated with the new uses of technology, not only in connecting people but also in connecting and generating ideas.

My ultimate goal will be to work in student affairs as a Director while having a part time professorship teaching graduate classes. Education has always been a transformative theme in my life. I love teaching and engaging students in critical dialogue and seeing the difference that education can make in someone’s life. I always learn just as much from them as they learn from the class.

I bring creativity, work-ethic and strive to add value to any organization, work-group or initiative that I am fortunate enough to work with and collaborate on. Only through informed decision making and keeping the experience and learning of our students at the forefront of what we do will we ever improve our practices. To this end I am always challenging myself and increasing my capacity and experiences.

I am married to the love of my life, Mia, and father to a wonderful son Oliver, and an amazing daughter Eliza.

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    • Campus Success Consultant
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    • M.A. Busness Administration
    • M.S. Counseling & Student Development