Razvan Tupa

Bucharest, Romania

Răzvan Ţupa (1975) was born at Braila (Romania). He studied History of Religions and Culture and worked as a journalist. Between 2005 and 2007 he was in charge with a new poetry magazine, Versus-Verso. Since 2006 he has been Editor en chief for Cuvantul, magazine but for the end of 2008 he leaves the Romanian cultural press. Since 1996 performed poetry in different places in Bucharest. He read poetry in Paris, Rome, Prague, New York, Stockholm, Tel Aviv and Berlin. His first collection of poetry was “Fetish” in 2001, awarded ex aequo the Mihai Eminescu National Award for first book of Poetry. In 2005 he published “Romanian bodies” a second book of poetry. His poems were selected for No Longer Poetry- New Romanian Poetry, an anthology published in UK. In 2005 he launched a series of weekly literary meetings that still go on. The initial Poetics of the quotidian format was changed in 2010 in Atelierelational, aimed to promote a relational approach to poetry.

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