Pola Brändle

Modern tapestries woven by time and happenstance—unique insights into over 25 countries ranging from Austria to Uruguay that delve beyond famous buildings and landmarks. Each wall photographed by Pola Brändle is an intimate, organically evolved portrait of local culture that captures the very essence of the residents and tourists that pass by each day. Some are vibrant and beautiful while others are torn and faded, but each has a story to tell. Follow the journey that took one woman throughout Europe and across the world seeking priceless cultural artifacts cleverly hidden in plain sight.

Pola's work has been the subject of many exhibitions. In addition to the photography found in her book "Plakatief - A World in Layers", Pola produces her own interpretations of the very phenomena she preserves on film. Using materials collected from the debris decorating city streets, she meticulously forms and combines layers of colors, pictures, and textures... (written by William Hess)

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