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PolaHp.com is an Indonesia-based technology information blog founded in 2021.

We always try to update all things related to technology from various smartphone devices such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Infinix and Realme.

We have shared many things with readers ranging from tips and tricks to technology news.

You can get various Android and iOS smartphone tutorials. Here are some of the things we shared:

Taking Screenshots

Nowadays we always need screenshots in our daily lives, be it to capture an image or as proof of something. You can take screenshots in various ways starting from using physical buttons or screenshots without buttons.

Factory Reset

If your Android phone is experiencing problems, you can follow one of the reset methods that we have explained on our blog. Each smartphone has a different way. Factory reset is also often done when you want to sell or give your cellphone to someone else.

Screen Recording

To make videos from the smartphone screen, you must know how to use the Screen Record feature on Android devices. There are several ways that we have shared for our blog readers.

Split Screen

For users who don't know how to split screen, PolaHP has discussed a lot about it all. As long as your smartphone supports it, you can do multi tasking easily.