Andre Pan

Designer, Web Developer, and Software Engineer in Shanghai, 上海市 China

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Andre, a.k.a POPO, is an IT maven living in Shanghai, China.

Andre worked for ThermoQuest Corporation, Finnigan MAT Inc. since 1997 as Chief Representative of Shanghai Office till 2000, left for self-study of web design & development.

In 2001, Andre started to work with the renowned Chinese film director, Mrs.Shi ShuJun, the kind lady who brought up the popular movie star Ms.Zhou Xun, contributing to China's Ancient Town protection and renewal projects. ZhuJiaJiao, Qingpu, Shanghai is a significant result of the work, and the project DVD was gifted to Shanghai APEC VIP guests.

During his self-study in 2000, Andre helped his friends started an online community,, which was the biggest and most popular Chinese community for web designers and web developers serving more than half-million members before 2012.

In 2002, Andre fell in love with the blog at the first sight, kept blogging actively, and became popular tech blogger in mainland China quickly, exchanged perspectives and minds with his blogger friends, evolved into an individual has sharing spirit within, devoted to some online open projects since 2004, like help organizing CNBloggerCon, and led the team of Digital Nomads Project which help those valuable individuals set up their online digital base.

Andre met microblog at the end of 2006, which led him to a much more open and crossing lifestyle. After almost 3 years of microblogging experience and market study, Andre co-founded the Brandigg Strategy with his investor friend, bring new media practice into China market. During the Shanghai Expo 2010, Brandigg was contracted as the official social media solution provider of USA Pavilion. In 2011-2012, Brandigg worked with Standard Chartered Bank (STANCHART) for shaping their online strategy of next-generation mobile banking as well as branding.

Started from late 2013, Andre marched into a new industry of fan economy, working as the CTO and China Managing Director of Mingyian Inc., a US-based company dedicated to bridging western celebrities and their Chinese audiences.

From the beginning of 2018, Andre started Appoachin Inc., another tech company focused on designing and delivering Wechat Mini Program in this emerging market.

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