Rebecca Orleans

In 2005 I decided to embark on a bead jewellery course as well as doing a GCSE in English. I thought this would be a good balance after finding out I have dyslexia. I didn't know what to expect, but by the end of the first session I had made a pair of earrings. They are not perfect but nothing in life is, I was just so chuffed that I had created something. The skills I learnt have given me the opportunity to create many beautiful pieces of jewellery over the years. I have made some wonderful friendships through creating jewellery which are all unique like every piece that I hand make.

The name "Poppybead" evolved from a photo. The photo was taken in the middle of inner city Birmingham and I didn't realise I had captured a bee feeding on the pollen. I love poppies and this just emcompassed what Poppybead is all about, unique beauty within.

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