Steven Pordy

In his position, Pordy is responsible for many of the day-to-day operations of the accounting firm/tax consultancy, which aids individuals and businesses with their financial concerns. Placing importance on customer satisfaction, Steven Pordy instills trust between his company and its clients by producing quality work in a timely fashion. Additionally, those who hire the firm can describe their short and long-term goals, and the professionals at Pordy & Co., CPA, will assist in laying out a plan to achieve them.

Pordy & Co., CPA, offers a myriad of services that cover different areas of one's financial health. Those needing guidance in tax management can turn to Steven Pordy for advice in planning and preparing taxes, minimizing one's liabilities, and learning how new tax laws might effect their portfolio. The firm's staff provides accounting services such as payroll processing, litigation support, cash flow budgeting, and personal financial statements. Steven Pordy also offers his services for more advanced corporate matters such as business valuations and due diligence prior to mergers and acquisitions. Some of Steven Pordy's other services include international taxation, debt and finance guidance, cash flow analysis, and QuickBooks support.

Those interested in choosing Steven Pordy can learn more about him and his firm at The site contains details on Pordy & Co., Certified Public Accountants, services, as well as other useful information. It features "Tax Tips" for individuals and businesses, which covers topics such as early preparation for taxes, the incentives of higher education, deductible home offices, and whether "hobbies" can be categorized as a business. Steven Pordy's site also features a loan calculator, a buy or lease calculator, and a way to check the status of one's tax refund.