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Portland is the largest city in Oregon, a well-known city for parks and bridges, as well as bicycle paths, coffeehouses and microbreweries. There really are a lot of things that you can do in Portland as a tourist, so if you don’t have a destination for this summer’s vacation, you just found yourself one. If the idea is attractive, then we would like to go one step further and make some recommendations for amusement parks in Portland as you simply can’t miss at least a few of them. The list is long, but here are some of our top choices:

· Oregon Zoo- you cannot miss it. There should be a zoo on the itinerary of every single vacation and this time it should be Oregon Zoo. You will be able to enjoy some delicious churros next to the elephants’ stand and live some memorable moments at the polar bears’ enclosure.

· Oaks Amusement Park- Get an ‘’unlimited ride’’ bracelet because you are going to need it. Your kids will love everything, from bumper cars to roller skating rinks, so make sure that you’re all covered.

You might fall in love with Portland so much that you might even want to move there. If you are already thinking about relocating, we think that Portland is an excellent choice. Everything linked to the relocation can easily be handled with the help of professional companies. For example, the Portland Instant Tax Attorney office will offer you help and guidance on matters such as house buying paperwork or tax paying in Portland. Did you know that this state legally allows you to avoid paying up to 905 of the tax that you owe? Oregon is a state that makes its residents feel comfortable and relaxed and Portland, as its main city, is doing the same thing. You just have to try it out.

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