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Poss.ca is a free online magazine to help Toronto job seekers find work. An initiative of Findhelp Information Services, poss.ca is an Employment Ontario project funded in part by the Government of Canada.

In the mid-1980s, poss.ca began its life as a newsletter (PosAbilities) at the City of Toronto's Social Services. In 1997, Findhelp Information Services (then Community Information Toronto) collaborated with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (formerly known as Human Resources Development Canada) to provide Toronto residents with online access to employment, education and training information. In 1999, the Possibilities Project became a monthly online magazine. Three years later, its name changed to Possibilities, the city's first online Employment Resource Centre (ERC). In 2006, Possibilités was created and the website became a bilingual source of information (English and French) for job seekers and career professionals.

Recently the magazine's name changed to poss.ca.

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