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What’s up, I’m POT Agritech. I’m a director living in India. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. I’m also interested in causes and photography. You can visit my company website with a click on the button above.

POT Agritech Pvt Ltd (Aloopyaz App) is a Field-2-Business initiative with aim to support Aloopyaz farmers to grow and consolidating long supply chain, so that food businesses can save on cost every-day.

Aloopyaz App is India's 1st Agritech start-up in Aloo-Pyaz business. It facilitate customers (Institutions/Canteens/Mess, Hotels/Restaurants/Caterers, Modern Trade/Resellers, Wholesalers & Traders) to place an order thru app and receive delivery of AlooPyaz on their business doorstep at their convenient time on local mandi rates. AlooPyaz App is not an consolidator whereas we have direct sourcing from farmers / FPO's and export houses which ensure quality & transparency in our service commitments for our customers.

Being committed & dedicated player in AlooPyaz only, we take care of your daily business need as our own. We appreciate our AlooPyaz farmers to bring countinues sustainable positive practices in production of aloopyaz in our country. We at Aloopyaz app trying to support all initiatives by aloopyaz famers & FPO's by ensuring fair practices in seed consultancy, crop insurance, 100% procurement on harvest, transparent weighing & digital same-day payment solution, distribution & marketing with great help of our business customers. AlooPyaz plays significant role micro/macro rural economy development of our country as aloopyaz cultivation holds 45% of our agricultural land thus aloopyaz is major source of income for millions of farmers. At AlooPyaz App, we call this unique relationship between our customers and farmers - "Ring Of Hope".