Pradeep Mahapatra

Writer, Editor, and Consultant in Berhampur, Odisha State, India

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I am a 65 plus year old senior citizen, living with my wife at my native place, Berhampur, a small coastal city near Bay of Bengal in Odisha State, India.

My engagement include sharing knowledge, designing models and building communities in two areas (i) future of journalism and (ii) future of ageing in and around Odisha

I communicate my ideas and participate in conversations through a weekly email newsletter on journalism and a fortnightly email newsletter on ageing since 2017. Previous editions of letters in each of the platforms can be accessed and read by clicking ‘View Letter Archive’ sections. Subscribe to my email newsletters for free.

I write on local history, life and society in the Facebook platform, which can also be assessed in the link ‘Read my Articles’ mentioned above.

My writings appear as columns and op-ed. articles in local newspapers. All are in Odia language.

I worked 27 years as a faculty in Journalism and Mass Communication at Berhampur University. I have over five decades of work experience in magazine, newspaper, radio, television, cinema, development support communication for rural upliftment and cultural activism. My wife too was a faculty in Law for 31 years at the same university.

I believe that media literacy and local journalism can strengthen democracies. My endeavor focus on creating awareness for responsible media consumption that will ultimately help to shape the society we live in.

I also believe that preparedness for alternative ageing practices can confront the challenges arising out of growing older population, rise in longevity and demand for elder care. I advocate for age-friendly policy formulation, both in government and non-government sector.

For detail bio-data visit my blog I can be reached through email pradeep.mahapatra and contacted by mobile phone +919437096944 (social calls between 8 and 10 pm only)