Pradeep Walia

Director in the United States

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Despite a lot of adversity earlier in his life, Pradeep Walia has been able to demonstrate a knack for making money. He has been able to make it through a lot of ups and downs, including several recessions, but he has been able to bounce back every single time. Most importantly, he has never forgotten the importance of helping others.

Pradeep Walia came to the United States with $20 and, within a few years he had created and was running a multi-million-dollar company. However, there has always been more to him than entrepreneurship. He has never forgotten just how the adversity in his life felt and he wants to help others avoid that. Even when he didn’t have enough money to help people, he always volunteered his time.

He has helped Mother Teresa’s orphanages and he has provided homeless people with blankets to keep them warm. Pradeep Walia wants to give back from now on; his personal foundation has launched several NGOs in India, including Jimba, that are tasked with helping the poor grow and prosper in the capitalist system.