Prakhar Agarwal

I'm an Indian living in Atlanta, USA. I'm driven by my love interest and the love for my interests. I do things that I really love and love every moment of that experience. To be honest, I'm quite bad at things that do not interest me. My fundamental learning is to share whatever I learn. I'm a second year Master's student of Computer Science at Georgia Tech - USA. In 2010, I worked as an intern with Team Orpailleur at INRIA - France. My life is hooked to Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing andI'm specifically interested in studying Astronomical and Meteorological data to deduce new dimensions from the enormous and ever increasing databases. I'm working towards gaining the much-needed experience in these areas which, I believe, will help me in doing some noble work and subsequently enable me to contribute to the society in some form. In short, I'm a "data freak". Apart from that, I love algorithms and programming, and at all times you can find me reading some technical stuff.

Previously, I studied at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology University - India for my Undergraduate degree during 2005-09 and worked as an intern with One Laptop Per Child in 2008. Also, I'm an alumnus of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad - Vasundhara and VVDAV Public School. My hometown is Muzaffarnagar, a major city of the Uttar Pradesh state in India but I grew-up in New Delhi and Ghaziabad.

For recreation, I indulge in photography and cooking.