Pranjal Daga

Vellore, India

Well, I'm currently pursuing my Undergraduate degree in BTech, Computer Science from VIT, Vellore and I've landed up here because I've been in a "live-in relationship" with computers, since I was 7. My areas of interest are Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks.
I just love what Machine Learning is capable of doing. With the advent of big data and the availability of computation power, Machine Learning has reached a whole new level of success - IBM's Watson is an amazing example. The coolness in being an ML guy is that “they TEACH computers how to THINK” which just fascinates me. Be it be Amazon’s recommendation engines, Google News’ clustering, Facebook’s spam detection, Twitter’s trend detection, speech recognition systems, quantitative trading, credit card fraud detection, snail mail routing, all use machine learning. I believe, ‘The easier it is, the better it is’ and as machine learning makes life simpler, it definitely takes world to a brighter tomorrow.

I also like web development and I have worked on HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, Javascript and also have a good amount of experience with frontend frameworks like JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap etc.

Previously, I had been a 'Link Student' mentoring the assigned academically deficient students and providing them for various courses on individual basis. Currently, I am the Director of Substantive Affairs at Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers- Computer Society (IEEE-CS) Student Chapter. Recently, I had also been appointed as a TEACHING ASSISTANT for Computer Programming, Problem Solving and Digital Logics courses.

Also, my hobbies include Philately, Public Speaking, Socializing with friends, Being updated with latest Android developments and other latest technologies and inventions. Hey, feel free to occupy my virtual world too.

  • Education
    • B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering