Prasad Karmarkar

Interior Design, Reiki Teacher, and Transformation Seminar Leader in Mumbai, India

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Prasad Karmarkar's spiritual journey kick-started in 1993 when he encountered Reiki at 19. His passion led him to Germany in 1996 to participate in a leadership training program by his mentor, Karl Everding. By 1998, Prasad was a certified Reiki Instructor and Transformation Seminar Guide, committed to the path of transformation and healing.

Over his career, Prasad has conducted over 950 seminars, training more than 10,000 students. His work has spanned continents with workshops in multiple countries. Alongside discussions, he also runs intensive leadership programs, which consist of several advanced stages over ten months.

Prasad's academic journey in Interior Designing has influenced his spiritual path. He believes designing a personal transformation journey also requires careful planning, understanding complexities, and cultivating a growth-friendly environment.

Prasad's service extends beyond his professional commitments. He partakes in several philanthropic activities, driven by the conviction that personal transformation should contribute to the community's welfare.

Prasad enjoys engaging in activities that resonate with his spirit in his personal life. He is a movie buff, an enthusiastic cyclist, a pet lover, a culinary experimenter, and a passionate traveler. His hobbies allow him to connect deeper with himself and the world.

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