Nathan Burgess

Marketer in New York

For the past ~15 years I've been working exclusively in the digital and social media space for companies of varying shapes and sizes.

These include:

  • Medical equipment and safety manufacturers with locations on six continents;
  • Various financial and professional services companies;
  • Regional retail operations;
  • Global non-profit membership organizations.

In addition to doing the work, I've also been teaching the skills at NYU since 2014 and CCNY since 2020.

Digital and Social Media services offered include:

  • Background and competitor audit;
  • Strategic editorial planning and execution;
  • Ongoing brainstorming with thought and service leaders to keep content fresh for viewers;
  • Analytics review and analysis for optimization of content;
  • Consulting and advisory services with in-house marketing staff to fill the skills gap, provide extra coverage, and see the forest for the trees.

Before my dive into all things digital and social media, I worked in PR for professional and financial services firms and before that was a corporate & securities attorney at a boutique NYC law firm. In addition to a JD I also hold a BA in Liberal Arts and BS in Psychology.