Precious de Leon

Writer, Communicator, and Corp Comms in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

My interests are rooted deeply in all things creative. Words are central to my life, sustaining me professionally and personally.

My editorial portfolio largely covers marketing, advertising and media industries across the globe, working on both print and digital platforms. My work in corporate communications includes content creation, editing and curation of marketing collateral, from brochures to websites.

While my background is built on solid editorial experience, I am also currently exploring creative writing in the form of short fiction, in the science fiction and suspense genres. Among many things, I believe well-roundedness is one of the keys to innovation.

Right now, I am also working with a social entrepreneur on his quest to bridge the gaps between businesses, not-for-profit groups and individuals-in-need.

Hailing from The Philippines, I am currently based in Calgary, following a 14-year stint in Dubai. These travels have given me the opportunity to collaborate with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and I am all the better for them.

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    • American University of Sharjah
    • Colegio San Agustin