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Perhaps it’s my inability to trust anyone (blame it on low oxytocin levels? :P); or the intrinsic obsessive compulsive that, after having made a commitment, makes me go out of the way to stick to it and therefore forewarns, “Look before you leap”, a million times; or the stubborn ‘spoilt kid’ who believes in standing up what for she feels is right; or the inborn quality to over indulge; or the ever-hungry possessive soul ( starter, main course garnished with a dollop of the same and the dessert) that never for a moment wants to let go of its own (people, people and people); or the talkative, (which, by the way turned to becoming ‘interactive’) simple next door girl who takes life as it comes, make me complicated, strange, paradoxical and unexpected. I am what I am and that's what I am :) If you think we share concomitant tastes, then we really do. So, Welcome home. Happy reading :) :)