Consultant, Artist, and Father in Menifee, California

Rick Price is the owner and chief designer at Gravitas Technology Ventures, LLC. This is a start up technology development firm specializing in advanced energy and propulsion systems. .

Words to live by! Is it over in your relationship? God can change the winds of life at a moments notice. He sets the sails and the rudder. We are just along for the ride. Don't you ever give up on the person who you are or the person you love! You never know what kind of wonders that will await you if you don't ever give up! This means those you have hurt as well. They still love you even if you have hurt them. They like yourself are people too. That hurt, love, fear and care.

Ladies love us men even if we have hurt you. Men love nourish and forgive those who have hurt or wronged you.

Let God be your pilot, navigator, friend and hero. He will never steer your ship wrong! God bless you all!

I am a Christian. I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and in him I am sanctified. I am not a perfect man but through the Holy Spirit I have made new. This so that I can walk in newness of the life eternal. You can find this too if you seek his face and follow his will. Be in good cheer! Jesus is welcoming you home with welcome arms. Except his invitation! God bless you all.

The last time I checked... A cheetah didn't require a college degree or stamp of approval from his/her peers to run 70 mph. The same thing applies to using the unique gift & talent that YOU were born with it. Stop letting the people around you or above you dictate the terms of your success. God gave that unique gift & talent to you... Not them. Leave the peanut gallery where you found them....back in the peanut jar. Be Blessed !!!! ~Karim R. Ellis #empowered2drive

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