Prieur Leary

Director in the United States

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What Prieur Leary does for a living is to provide information technology (IT) services to companies in the financial services industry, including many that provide some of the most innovative and disruptive products in their particular industry. Cybersecurity is a very important issue for Prieur Leary, but he takes a different approach than many. He believes all IT people should be diligent about security, but he also works a lot as a financial advisor, which carries even more responsibility. Any sort of breach in the IT space he controls could end up costing his financial services clients a lot of money.

His IT experience allows Prieur Leary to use the knowledge he has gained and to realize the importance of keeping systems up to date, while also eliminating outside security threats wherever they’re found. The key to doing business online comes with learning that many of the biggest threats to any IT system are often internal, not external. For example, making sure authentication privileges are kept up to date and access to the system is restricted to those who are actively working with the organization are extremely important.