Priscilla Chan

Priscilla Chan

I am a 3rd year student at the University of Toronto in the Management BBA program and minoring in computer science.

I'm passionate about pretty much everything at the intersection of art, culture, media, and technology.

The plan was to specialize in accounting, get my CPA and then be able to travel, and audit for companies in the industries that I have an interest in. Nowadays I am leaning more towards business intelligence and development for big data analysis.

I play a variety of video games (moba, fps, mmorpg, you name it), a smaller selection of instruments (piano, used to play flute, working on guitar, and singing karaoke till my voice wears out occasionally). Music is one of the few things I am constantly being inspired by, and work hard to keep in my life.

When not spending my spare time gaming, I enjoy reading and doing art. I do drawings, doodles, paintings, and fun little projects from time to time such as using photoshop to learn digital painting. I am currently designing a jewelry line for a friend's start up business, and working on the web design of my own website.

Before venturing out into the real world, I enjoy having a fresh cup of coffee to get my going in the morning. Or afternoon. And sometimes even in the evening. Those 3 hour lectures can be pretty brutal. In my adventurous spirit, I find it exciting to explore and try different blends and flavours of tea and caffinated drinks. I have since taken a mixology course for bartending and have become SmartServe certified.

Over the approximate two decades of my life I've played a number of sports, including tennis and volleyball, my favourite is actually aquatic diving. Talk about specialty sports huh. I've been first-aid certified several times, and have had my life guard and assistant instructor certifications as well.

Being an adrenaline junkie, I am always seeking for new thrills and excitement. I love exploring new places, and hope to some day be able to take it to a global level. I am currently looking into taking a semester or doing a work term abroad to kick-start on my dream of journeying around the world and seeing everything it has to offer.

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    • University of Toronto