Col. David J. Wright

Writer, Non-State Actor, and Project Developer in Amazonas, Venezuela

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Howdy ya'll. I'm David from Berea, Kentucky, originally from Philadelphia, born in New Jersey, when I started my family at 26 years old I lived in Wilmington, Delaware then I moved to the small town of Berea, Kentucky and called it my home. Later at 35, I discovered in my heart that there were still other challenges I had to meet in my life and couldn't stand the thought of spending the rest of my days as a Kentucky colonel with a PhD in Life sitting at a farmhouse in the woods on the front porch in a rocking chair, singing redneck songs, making moonshine, growing marijuana, chewing plugs of tobacco and getting up with the roosters. So I left...

In 2001 I moved to Venezuela to see what was up with the social revolution, what I learned about life will astound you. I was always curious to know South America and decided I did like it and moved here with the idea to establish an eco-tourism project, which is part of what I am doing now called Ekobius (an ecovillage and sustainable settlement model in the Amazon).

Finally after 12 years I have my big project, its a good one too because its one that won't let me finish during my lifetime, it is BIG! I am combining audacity, courage, academics, and life experience on this one. We are building a unique international ecological village and educational institute at the very edge of civilization. Its different because you can become a part of it or visit if you like.

We have shamans, natural indigenous people, psychoactive plants, access to 50,000 sq. km of unbroken wilderness (Northern Amazon also called Guiana Shield) and a place for you to enjoy it from.


I like agroforestry, shamanism, ecosystem engineering, horticulture, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, fishing and anything else that involves green, trees, animals and nature.

Use the links there below to follow-up or learn more about the projects I am involved with. I also work with Globcal International which is re-creating civil society with global citizenship.

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