projectbrainsaver Just Talk Trial Run 2015?


projectbrainsaver again (-:

if any of the following apply to you

Are you really angry about something?

Do you have problems remembering things?

Do you have a problem that you can't find an answer for?

Are you fighting a company, corporation, government department that treats you like you are a liar or just doesn't listen?

Are you being abused and have no one to turn to?

Were you abused and are still suffering from the effects?

Are you in prison for a crime you really did not commit?

Are you struggling to fit in?

Are you stuck?

Are you ill and not getting the right medical help?

Do you need to empower your group efforts?

Do you just find the complexities of modern life too much at times?

Is 'Big Brother' playing games with your life?

Are you being manipulated by someone?

Do you have problems working computers?


Are you totally together?

Are you in a house chain?

Do you have a story to tell?

Do you want to have your voice seriously listened to?

Have you got any complexities in your life?

Do you talk to yourself when you're planning things?

Do you talk to your TV? Maybe even shout at it sometimes? SKY and VIRGIN and BT (THAT'S JUST A FEW IN THE UK!!), THIS BIT IS FOR YOU(-:

then this kit could be of real use to you now!

These technologies are used by you. Your profile builds up as you talk. Talk about anything you want to. Shout if you need to. Your profile is used for your benefit only. Whether you need personal help for a deep rooted problem or just a simple answer to a question, this technology listens and then acts. NO ONE ELSE SEES ANY OF YOUR DATA. EVER. Unless you want them to.

For your benefit, to help you.