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Listen to the customers; analyze feedback; execute new ideas; replicate what works.

Project Nia, Inc (Houston) is a promotional marketing & retail-based sales firm that partners with the nation's leading retail, telecommunications & cable/satellite broadcasting companies. Clients work with us for two main reasons: our mission and the way we execute and deliver results. Every great company has a goal; for many, that goal is to be the best in their industry, provide superior results, and expand. Ours is similar to that; however, Project Nia, Inc focuses itself on team development first and foremost. Why?

The idea is, that if we focus on developing well-rounded individuals obsessed with constant professional development, results will trickle down to our clients. So far our methods not only have proven successful, but they have also far exceeded expectations. Project Nia, Inc provides our clients with over a million dollars in revenue every year and as our systems get better, that number only gets bigger.

So for our clients, partnering with us becomes a no-brainer.

Project Nia, Inc Reviews:

1. Sales Training: Project Nia, Inc specializes in sales training boot camp. We work with individuals from all different backgrounds teaching people how to communicate effectively and listen intently.

2. Management Development: For team members looking to move up within the company, we provide leadership development training courses and travel opportunities with some of the industry's top executives.

3. New Customer Acquisitions: As mentioned before, Project Nia, Inc generates over a million dollars in revenue for our clients every year through new customer acquisitions. It's not only about getting a sale; it's about getting the right sales!

Project Nia, Inc is expanding. To connect with us you can go to our website or visit any of the social links below!