Jo Dewey

A good idea to help you get more people interested in a business is to get some promotional flags out to spread the word about a sale. You can use them for a grand opening or to share any kind of message about a promotion. Find what works for you by reading below.

Don't get a flag with a long message on it, because it will be flying in the wind and people probably won't stop to wait for it to stay still so they can carefully read it. Have a large number on it that can easily be read and illustrates the percentage that can be saved on your items. If you want a large message on it then you'd be best off doing that on a flag that you hang inside or on the building so it isn't moving in the wind.

If you'd like to get a lot of different flags of different sizes, make sure that you customize each one carefully. While one flag may look great with your logo and the sale type on it, a different one may need to have a little bit of an alteration done due to the size so it can be read in the right way. Ask the company that is doing the custom flag for you what they can do so you can have one that is going to look great if you're not sure of how to lay out what is on it.

As you learn about promotional flags, you will see that there are many that are right for you. It is best to select a few different kinds so that you can alternate them as you see fit. You should notice a boost in your business if you place the flags in areas where a lot of people can see them.