PROPZY Vietnam

Consultant, Designer, and Mother in Việt Nam

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In 2009, our founder John Le, relocated to Vietnam to establish an International Credit Bureau venture with Transunion. In the process, John had to find permanent housing to establish as a base of operation for what was to become the next 3 years of his entrepreneurial endeavor in that country. After days of scouring online real estate websites and scheduling a few tours, he settled upon a great apartment with awesome city views!

Two days from signing the lease agreement his friends in Vietnam reached out to him. One friend (Danny) discovered that John was leasing an apartment in the same exact building where his friend Linh happened to have a rental. Neither knew of each other directly. Danny connected Linh and John. Linh offered John a great deal because of the mutual acquaintance. Unfortunately, out of professional courtesy for his broker, John decided to sign the lease.

After going through that process John realized what had just transpired could’ve had a much better outcome and asked himself – why not enable friends to broadcast and share their property listing to their social graph and allow mutual friends to promote? That question led to the development of Propzy.

What are we discovering here at ? Seven degrees of separation used to be the adage, but with the ubiquity of social networks buyers and renters are only less than 4 mutual friends away!