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As Journalists Evolve More Toward the Digital, PR Professionals Do the Same

The world of journalism is evolving at a rapid rate. With traditional, paper-based news clearly on the way out, journalists and editors are looking for new ways to stay relevant. In many cases, that means turning to the Internet with an aggressive attitude that strays from the complacency so many had showed there over the years.This means that many of the top journalistic websites are striving to take advantage of everything the digital realm has to offer. Well respected newspaper the New York Times, for instance, has been pushing the envelope for years now, regularly offering up interactive features that incorporate a range of the latest technologies. Whether that means infographic assets that respond to their readers' queries and prods or whole stories that are suffused with digital gadgets, this approach is gaining the attention of a wide audience.As journalists evolve in their approach to the craft, it only makes sense for others to think about new ways of interacting with and influencing them. The traditional press release, for example, long a reliable way for companies to get the word out about their offerings, is slowly morphing into something much more appropriate to the digital times of today.What that most often means is creating a pr rich media release instead of one that consists of nothing more than simple text. Those issuing a pr media release online have long had the option of including company logos and other digital asset files, but today's pr rich media release goes well beyond this.Instead, what such a release might contain today could be anything from a video feature that fleshes out a story to a picture gallery ready for posting on a newspaper website. With the pr ultimate aim being to get journalists to take up a story and do something with it, just about any addition that contributes to this goal can make sense.While this can be a truly fruitful approach, it does also imply some new responsibilities. Those looking to take advantage of this tactic must typically do more work when it comes to distribution, as simply arranging for a mass mailing will not often generate the desired results.Instead, it is more helpful to get in tou