Jaromir Prusa

Employee Communication consultant & coach in Praha, Česká republika

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People oriented, enthusiastic, open-minded, visionary, proactive with strong communication skills I am passionate about employee education and communication, digital PR, content marketing, professional blogging, social media and digital transformation for more than ten years.

I believe we live in unique age where digital transformation should be a part of every company strategy. Why? Every employee build its thought leadership and personal brand on social media.

I do help companies to use this as their advantage and as a part of their communication and brand strategy. As they become brand ambassadors and micro influencers, they develop the company’s employer brand and online reputation.

My personality type: ENFP (“THE CAMPAIGNER”)
Emphatic and People Oriented
Positive and Optimistic
Focused and Goal Oriented

I am personally passionate about travel, tai chi chuan practition, blogging (personal blog, professional blog) and photography.

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    • Languages: English, German, Czech, Norwegian