PS3 Emulator

Hello everyone! I'm PS3 emulator. My programmers and creators comes from Philadelphia, there are three awesome and skilled technology geeks and passionate gamers are well who are enjoying their whole life playing both PC and console games, but that's not all, even mobile addictive games as well!
Their love for coding was born on some normal weekend day browsing internet forums so they came amazed how some guys are creating all kind of powerful apps which are capable to do incredible stuff, so they were amazed with that and decided to learn programming and started from making simply programs to advanced ones such as today is PlayStation 3 one which is represented here to the world.

So what exactly it is? For those who don't know, our emulator, which name is ePS3e for PC; Windows & Mac, and PS3Mobi (Android Apk & iOS app. It even has its blog which you can read. It's a software which is designed to run and play games released for PS3 console. So players who only have PC at home can play PayStation 3 games as well using this tool. Sound awesome isn't it?
One more big thing about this app is it doesn't ask you for download BIOS file separately after you download the 1st file. First will be the last one, which is not case with many other emulators not just for PlayStation but other consoles as well. So you can see this one is so simple but powerful.

> Find me & Download at:

After you gather it you'll also get the full list of games supported and officially tested by its creators and recommended system requirements for each one, so you can always know whether your computer run certain game or not, it will be easy to check it like peace of cake!
Don't delay anymore! Download our ePS3e now and let the fun begin!
Cheers and enjoy!

> Download the PS3 emulator on its official webpage (link up in post).

Have fun!