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Finding A Psychiatrist: 10 Things to consider


On my small depression journey, I've encountered many other individuals with depression, in addition to people without a mental illness. Now the reason why I sharing this along with you, is the fact that I'm amazed at just how few individuals really know what a psychiatrist actually does.


For example, multiple people I have talked to think that all that a psychiatrist does is write prescriptions for medication, there you have it!

The reality is that psychiatrists achieve this even more than just dish out medication prescriptions...

... psychiatrists are medical doctors whose speciality is within mental health.

10 Things to consider When Finding A Psychiatrist

- To begin with, you will probably need to get a referral letter out of your general practitioner. Try not to worry, most general practitioners already have a summary of their favorite psychiatrists whom they can recommend. I use the work "favorite" as your doctor is a great resource for recommendations as their patients often provide them with feedback which psychiatrists are accomplishing well. Also your physician may have heard from other doctors which psychiatrists get good feedback.

- Inform you for your doctor regardless of whether you prefer visiting a male or female psychiatrist. I only say this because when I was known my very first psychiatrist, he would be a male and that i didn't understand him (or the next 2 male psychiatrists!). It truly is a personal choice. For me, I've found that I am able to be more open and say what I want to say having a female psychiatrist than I could having a male one.

- Once you have a referral, phone the psychiatrist's office and make an appointment. Please do not be discouraged if you have to wait several weeks prior to a scheduled appointment as that seems is the standard time period.

- At your first appointment (usually about 1 hour) together with your psychiatrist, it really is a get to know you appointment. The psychiatrist will ask you a lot questions to enable them to better understand you and what your expectations are regarding seeing them. It is unlikely that any CBT will require place only at that initial appointment.

- Now, please pay close attention to this factor when finding a psychiatrist. While you may have needed to wait a couple of weeks for the appointment, however, you don't feel comfortable with the psychiatrist for ANY reason - don't feel obliged to see them again.