Rudolph & Helen Haynes

Small Business Owner and Consultant in Curaçao

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What’s up, I’m Rudolph. I'm an Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Professional, Online Marketer and an Independent business owner currently living on the Beautiful island of Curacao, Dutch Caribbean.I and my lovely wife Helen Wang Haiying are the owners of EnControl Consultancy Inc. on Curaçao. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. I’m also interested in travel and music. On our Island of Curacao, we help customers save on their electrical energy bills, and offer Preventive Services on Protecting against Electrical Equipment Damages from Lightning Strikes or Power Surges/Spikes or Elec-Mag Grounding issues. See more of these services here:

I’m also interested in Healthy Body Care and Fitness practices, Bitcoins4all and helping the needy.

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Our vision and mission in life is to help as many people as I possibly create a better life for tem self's, & their family, have More “Time Freedom” and become “Financially Secure” by teaching them how they can create multiple streams of residual income utilizing the power of online Network Marketing on the various social media platforms. Breaking News: We have a new kid on the block:

Having no Boss is the best feeling in the world. So to be clear and honest with you… I don’t like begging, bugging, chasing, convincing, twisting arms or asking for favors to reach my goal. I also have a passion for Healing Meditation music for the

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