PUA Lingo

PUA is an acronym that stands for "Pick Up Artist". A pickup artist is a guy that dedicates his time to becoming better at picking up and seducing women. There is an large, worldwide community of PUAs that are working to master the secrets of seduction.

Lingo stands for language. The PUA community, like other subcultures, has its own unique terminology and jargon that it uses to describe the specific challenges and concepts encountered by a typical pick up artist. These words can be confusing for newbies first coming into the community, which is why we created PUA Lingo, to serve as a PUA dictionary for the seduction community.

PUA Lingo is more than that, though. Beyond just terminology & acronyms, the site has expanded to include profiles of top instructors and schools, reviews of PUA products, and an overview of commonly used routines and openers. PUA Lingo serves as the seduction community's encyclopedia, and is one of the top resources out there for aspiring seducers.

So check out PUA Lingo today, and learn the secret language of seducers.