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Nikola Pucarevic

Consultant in the Netherlands

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Hi, I am Nikola. Thanks for visiting this page!

I am passionate about effectiveness of cross-cutting policies and work as a consultant on projects that support authentic bottom-up stakeholder engagement leading to needed transformational shifts both in organizations, community as well as in public institutions and business.

In understanding complexity, system thinking approach is needed to obtain a holistic perspective; and modeling is needed to utilize and compute existing data. With access to these two skillsets, aligned, Nikola can pose questions that address underlying system structure rethinking and redesign, while at the same time help to obtain critical understanding of the information we are missing to collect, in order to manage the problem effectively and with limited resources, in an optimal way.

Applying science of system dynamics in innovative, stakeholder participation-based policy creation initiatives enables us to generate new solutions that alleviate increasingly difficult-to-manage problems our everyday businesses, political and wider communities are faced with. System dynamics bring simplified knowledge of strong leverage points to manage messy issues of our complex environments and teach us how to profit from them.

As an attentive world traveler, I witness the humbling and inspiring insights revealed by the converged mental models of diverse individuals who actively shape our world today.

..towards uncoupling a more resilient (de)growth of our world


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    • European Master in System Dynamics
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