Prasanth Vijay

Bengaluru, India


Entrepreneur (at heart) | Product manager (during day) | Crowd creator (by faith) | Startup fanatic (by choice) | Film maker (by passion) | Writer (when prodded) | Audiobook listener (avid) | Quiz master (given a chance) | Quizzer (in a previous life) | Magazine editor (in two past lives) | MBA-Marketing (where I saw the light) | B.Tech-ECE (been there too)

Gawker to amateur at most, pro at some, master at connecting the dots..


Words (spoken and written) | Pictures (still and moving) | Internet (connecting and collaborating) | Businesses (learning and evolving) | Design (any) | People (in general and from the above areas in particular)


Amguleechaalitham | Kaathoram | maarewa

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