Pableaux Johnson

Photographer and Writer in New Orleans, Louisiana

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Pableaux Johnson is a food/travel writer, photographer and technologist based in New Orleans.

I'm a native of New Iberia, LA and the author of three books (ESPN Gameday Gourmet, Eating New Orleans: From French Quarter Creole Dining to the Perfect Poboy, Lonely Planet's World Food New Orleans) as well as a contributor to the New York Times, Austin Chronicle, Saveur magazine, Food and Wine, and Bon Appetit. I'm also the principal developer of the digital publishing house Blue Crab Labs.

I like to stay busy.

I have pronounced weaknesses for (among other things) thick-sliced bacon, fine bourbon whiskey (just a rock or two, please), funkyfunky sousaphones, raw oysters, coconut cream pie, rental car road trips, Mavis Staples, real tomatoes in season, pre-Gangsta hip hop and talking dog jokes. (photo courtesy Chris Granger)