Filip Pýrek

Software Engineer, TechEntrepreneur, and Serverless Architect in Brno, Česká republika

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I've programmed since I was 11. When I was 14 I started working for a famous Czech gaming youtuber. Then I worked on my own projects.. and now I work as a Software/Cloud architect in FinTech company called Purple Technology. I'm successfully pushing there an adoption of a new technologies like Serverless (AWS) etc.

In general I'm very interested in FinTech. I love informatics and economics and FinTech is the best of both.
I got into crypto before it became "cool" again. It was just because I liked the technology and I believed that it could become a big thing in the future.

I'm very interested in the future of decentralised systems and I'm looking forward for new FinTech opportunities. (Blockchain, DeFi, dApps ect.)

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