Aditya Narayan

Technology Entrepreneur in New York

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What am I up to?

Our company TurnToTech in Silicon Alley is off to a great start. And watch out for our launch of Math2100 in May 2014. Nothing like it exists. And also watch out for several other interesting products TurnToTech is creating such as Bubbles, An open source IoT framework and a fairly unique iOS App editing framework for non-developers.

At our company 1to1 Tutor - our focus is live Math tutoring over the Internet. It is probably one of the country's largest outsourced online tutoring companies ( US Govt. approved under NCLB). We've tutored over 20,000 students.

Past ?

Founded QCD Microsystems in 2002 that developed a Win-Linux interoperability platform 'InterStructures' which was extremely popular among Linux newbies.

And worked as a technology executive at some of the largest companies in the US (JPMorganChase, Walt Disney, Starwood Hotels - expertise: security and architecture). I was the Head of Security Architecture at Starwood Hotels and Chief Architect at Marvel Entertainment.

Favorite topics?

Physics, Neuroscience, Mathematics, Computer Science and non-procedural Artificial Intelligence. That's where everything will be coming together, soon. Trying to focus on Glia these days.

Favourite serious books - The Feynman Lectures and Landau & Lifshitz. Though I like Landau a bit more. And Kandel's biography and Hubel's eye book are the best I've seen when it comes to understanding neurons.

What else?

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur (94-99) - Undergrad and Masters in Physics, EE minor. You can find some of my articles at IBM ( Linux

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