Kaizen Institute India

So are you looking for ecological growth and developments for your own organization, then there is no need to worry from which sector you belong to, the present customers and business demands for improved service levels, superior quality, shorter lead-times, reliable process, improved working capital and most important reduce costs.

Kaizen Institute is one stop solution for the use of proven tools and techniques to increase the value for your customer. Kaizen has already utilized this technique throughout the world in each and every fiscal segment. Making use of this whole approach is known as a Kaizen Management System (KMS).

Total Flow Management System

The purpose of the Total Flow Management is to aim at the streaming materials along with information flows. The actual diagnosis is performed by means of total quality managementled Value Stream Mapping.

Utilization of application of Just-in-Time, other lean production and Kanban pulls system and other lean logistics methods will be able to create a more flexible supply chain with lower inventory levels and increased productivity.

Just-in-time, Yank Methods, Software of Kanban and also low fat manufacturing and low fat logistics approaches will unquestionably make a more varied supply cycle, obtaining lower supply ranges as well as better proficiency.

Lean Product Development & Lean Setup (IDM)

The objective of the Lean approach is to expand he potency of the process of new product development, new facility design, startups, construction and innovation. Lean approach delivers results to ramp up, start up and innovation in areas of:

· A complete capacity to deliver the products as well as projects on its budget and time

· A complete flexibility to deal with the change

· Higher quality of the merchandise as well as services

Such kinds of results are attained by enabling individuals to absolutely engage their creativity by visualizing and improving the process as well as ways of working.