Jerry Qualls

University of Nevada, Reno, NV

I am an Associate Professor in Natural Resources and Environmental Science at the University of Nevada, in Reno, NV (see link below).

I teach courses in Wetland Ecology and Management, Microbial Ecology, and Soil Genesis, Morphology and Classification. I also advise lots of students in the Environmental Science undergraduate degree program. I also advise graduate students in the Hydrologic Sciences and Environmental Science degree programs. My research includes the following subjects: biogeochemistry and wetland ecology: soil organic matter, humic substances, ecosystem development and succession, roots and their role in ecosystems, exoenzymes, bioavailability of N and P in rivers and lakes, ecophysiology of wetland plants. My Ph.D. was in Ecology, from the University of Georgia.

Here are a few representative publications:

Qualls, R. G. (in press). Dissolved Organic Matter. In R. DeLaune, K.R. Reddy, P. Macgonigal, C.J. Richardson (Ed.), Methods in Biogeochemistry of Wetlands. Madison, WI: Soil Science Society of America, Book Series.

Uselman, S. M., R. G. Qualls, J. Lilienfein. 2012. Quality of soluble organic C, N, and P produced by different types and species of litter: Root litter versus leaf litter. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 54: 57-67.

Qualls, R.G., L.J. Sherwood, and C.J. Richardson. 2009. Effect of natural dissolved organic carbon on phosphate removal by ferric chloride and aluminum sulfate treatment of wetland waters. Water Resources Research. doi:10.1029/2008WR007287.

Qualls, R. G., Richardson, C. J. 2008. Carbon cycling and dissolved organic matter export in the northern Everglades. Chapter 13. In C.J. Richardson (Ed.), The Everglades Experiments: Lessons for Ecosystem Restoration (pp. 335-379). Springer, New York.

In my spare time I run in track and field and road races from 800 m to 10000 m for the Golden West Athletic club (see link below).

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