Quintessential Finance Group

Manchester, UK

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Quintessential Finance Group provides a wide array of services, including personal and secured loans, debt help and consolidation, and financial claims. Since 2009, the firm has offered financial solutions to consumers and businesses, and it utilises a technology-focused approach to meet and exceed customer expectations. While the company continues to offer its services through traditional telesales, Quintessential Finance Group is dedicated to maximising innovation and convenience with the use of online interactions. Quintessential acts as an umbrella for a number of national brands, including Pingtree and Claims Angel, and the firm routinely presents opportunities for new affiliates to take advantage of its innovative technology-based consumer solutions.

Quintessential's unique approach to financial services allows clients to access a myriad of resources. Although the company provides loans to customers in many different financial situations, a recent focus has taken shape in finding solutions for consumers who have been unable to procure financing through their current lenders or banks. Additionally, the company provides customised debt consolidation and credit management plans that are designed to help most customers. If the firm is unable to offer a viable solution, consumers have the added assurance of being referred to one of Quintessential's specialist partners. The firm prides itself on its friendly, knowledgeable staff members, who possess more than 40 years of combined experience in loans. Furthermore, the company holds exclusive distribution of market lending and loan products as well as the ability to generate organic leads from existing activities. To learn more about Quintessential Finance Group and its affiliates, please visit www.QuintessentialFinanceGroup.com.

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