Raakhee Mirchandani

Raakhee Mirchandani

Raakhee Mirchandani is the head of content/features and entertainment at the new york daily news. Previously, she was the associate editor and columnist at the Boston Herald, and before that a fashion reporter and fashion/beauty columnist at the New York Post. She has nearly a decade of experience in lifestyle, fashion, beauty and pop-culture journalism.

Her work has appeared on "tODAY", "Fox", Better Homes and Gardens, NY DAILY NEWS, the Boston Herald, the New York Post, Page Six Magazine, ALEXAM India Abroad and Mixte Magazine. She is on the South Asian Journalists Association's board of directors and was chosen by the World Economic Forum to be in the inaugural class of Global Shapers, who strive to impact positive change in the world.

When she's not writing or editing, she's probably buying PLAID SHIRTS OR MOTORCYCLE BOOTS. She also has a keen interest in hair spray and leopard print, but then again she's from New Jersey so that makes perfect sense.