Rabab Maher ☁ رباب ماهر

Poet-Writer, Visual Artist-Designer, and AromArtisan in Qatar

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As-Salâmu ‘Alaykum wa Raĥmatullâhi wa Barakâtuhu (^_^),

MINI ME: As an insatiable bibliophile and applicable learner, and due to my ongoing eclectic experience, I amalgamate all that I’ve learned – and continue to learn – into the works I do and will do inshâ’Allâh. I’m currently in a transition delving deeper into the following in alignment with ISLÂM Al-Ĥamdu-Lilâh.

CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Training and enhancing my skills in art, design, photography and writing (with emphasis on character growth and holistic healing).

AROMA ARTISTRY: AromArtisan™ = Aroma + Artisan – Studying Qur'ânic Healing & Nutrition + Prophetic Medicine, alchemy of natural aromatics (aromatic medicine, earth nutrition, plant infusions, skincare and perfumes) and bespoke formulation.

MEDICINAL MOVEMENT™: Dynamic fusions (Pilates, qigong, t'ai chi ch'üan, yoga) as well as touch therapies (reflexology, massage, face yoga, acupressure, etc.).

EMBRACING SIMPLICITY: I’m a no-nonsense and fuss free minimalist™ and I LOVE clarifying, simplifying and keeping it as holistic, natural, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible by embracing transparency, holistic healing healthy habits™ and resilience for energy healing, and facilitating others to do the same inshâ’Allâh by BEING Muslims and Breathing ISLÂM as a HEALING WAY of Life.

In the Timeless Words of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ,

☆ أَحَبَّ الْأَعْمَالِ إِلَى اللَّهِ أَدْوَمُهَا وَإِنْ قَلَّ ☆ The most beloved of deeds to ALLÂH ﷻ are those that are most consistent, even if small ☆

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Jazâkum Allâhu Khaira (*^_^*)

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