Rabab Maher ☁ رباب ماهر

Critical Questioner + Incessant Clarity Seeker, Visual Artist + Writer, and Wellbeing Guide™ + Facilitator + Consultant in Qatar

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As-Salâmu ‘Alaykum (^_^),

My Mini Me Bio ☁ I'm transitioning into a health and wellness professional but here's a glimpse into my current life so far.

I’m petite in size but big in character (*^_^*).

My Free Flow ☁ I wander in my own wee world with my life and work partner (he's the nicer one) as a no-nonsense and fuss free minimalist – I LOVE Clarifying, Simplifying and keeping it as Natural as possible.

My Aspirational WHY ☁ To guide YOU to embrace and connect with YOUR Inner Truth™ so that YOU live with Clarity and Alignment inshâ’Allâh and for you to inspire others to do the same by example.

My WHOLE Life Wrapped Up ☁ I’m an optimist, perpetual learner, autodidact and an extreme maven – I LOVE sharing what I’ve learnt, know and applied as well as learning from others. I'm an INSATIABLE Bibliophile living a life revolving around Creative Living and Solutions, Visual Creativity, Words and Wellbeing.

Note ☁ My Arabic name Rabab means White Clouds (*~_^*).

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