Rabab Maher ☁ رباب ماهر

Poet-Writer, Visual Artist-Designer, and AromArtisan in Qatar

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As-Salâmu ‘Alaykum wa Raĥmatullâhi wa Barakâtuh,

MINI ME: My whole life revolves around Islâm, active learning and perpetual growth, creative living and solutions, visual and creative expression, natural earth aromatics and formulation, and holistic transparency, clarity, simplicity, alignment and comfortable minimalism.

A SELECTIVE PERFECTIONIST: Only where it's appropriately healthy to do so – proofreading and editing writings, polishing visual works and formulating.

PERPETUAL GROWTH: I'm currently in transition; due to my ongoing eclectic experience, I amalgamate all that I’ve learned – and continue to learn – into the works I do and will do inshâ’Allâh.

ACTIVE LEARNING: Delving deeper into grasping the heart and essence of Islâm, Tawheed, for its beautiful intricacies & nuances; Qur'ânic Healing, Medicine & Nutrition; Prophetic Medicine; and various fields including creativity & creative works, healing holistic health and habits, and aromatic alchemy, in alignment with Islâm.

GUIDE + MENTOR: Choosing a Conscientious, Conscious and Creative Lifestyle by Reconnecting and Realigning with ALLÂH ﷻ for a Resonating Character.


Jazâkum Allâhu Khairan for YOUR valuable time.

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    • Essential Oil Institute
    • New York Institute of Aromatic Studies
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    • The Lipid Hub