Rabab Maher ☁ Skilful White Clouds

CURIOUS CREATIVE, HEART HEALING Habits Consultant-Coach-Mentor, and ECO-CONSCIENTIOUS AromArtisan in Qatar

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As-Salâmu ‘Alaykum wa Raĥmatullâhi wa Barakâtuh (^_^),

In the Timeless Heart Healing Words of BELOVED PROPHET MUHAMMAD ﷺ, ‘Indeed, there is in the body a bite-size [organ], if mended, the whole body will be healed, and if corrupt then the whole body will be ruined; indeed, it is the heart.

HEART HEALING HABITS: Enlightening mindful hearts to choose a conscious, conscientious and congruent lifestyle, through my written and spoken word, and visual arts, in Heart Healing Alignment with Islâm, for a resonating character and energy inshâ’Allâh.

7 Cs REWIRING: Clarity, choice, consciousness, conscientiousness, consistency, creativity and character.

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