Rabab Maher ☁ رباب ماهر

Poet-Writer, Visual Artist-Designer, and AromArtisan in Qatar

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As-Salâmu ‘Alaykum wa Raĥmatullâhi wa Barakâtuh,

MINI ME: My whole life revolves around Islâm, active learning and perpetual growth, creative living and solutions, visual and creative expression, natural earth aromatics and formulation, and holistic alignment and minimalism.

A SELECTIVE PERFECTIONIST: Only where its appropriately healthy to do so – proofreading and editing writings, polishing visual works and formulating.

PERPETUAL GROWTH: I'm currently in transition; due to my ongoing eclectic experience, I amalgamate all that I’ve learned – and continue to learn – into the works I do and will do inshâ’Allâh.

ACTIVE LEARNING: Delving deeper into grasping the heart and essence of Islâm Tawheed for its beautiful intricacies & nuances; Qur'ânic Healing, Medicine & Nutrition; Prophetic Medicine; and various fields including creativity & creative works, healing holistic health™, and aromatic alchemy, in alignment with Islâm.

CONSULTANT & EDUCATOR: Self-Reform by Reconnecting and Realigning with ALLÂH سبحانه وتعالى for a Resonating Character.


Jazâkum Allâhu Khairan for YOUR valuable time and I look forward to working together one day inshâ'Allâh.

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    • Essential Oil Institute
    • New York Institute of Aromatic Studies
    • Online Perfume School
    • The Lipid Hub