Rachael Chadwick


I grew up as a Dorset girl until I had an epiphany five years ago. Why would I drive to work when I could battle my way in on an overcrowded sweaty tube? London was in my sights and what a love affair it has been. I still make the most of the incredible things it has to offer.


  • Laughing
  • Dancing
  • Trips to Theatre or to see dance
  • The TV series Girls
  • A game of tennis (now and then)
  • Wine

This blog is where it all began...

60 Postcards: Some people scatter ashes. I am scattering words. This is me telling the world about my mum through creative endeavours and now a blog. It all started with 60 postcards in Paris.......

Now, incredibly, my 60 Postcards story has become a book. I did not see that one coming at all.

Alongside writing about my 60 Postcards project, I am now a blogger on the Huffington Post platform (where I ramble on about anything and everything).

  • Work
    • Blogger, Author, Freelance Writer
  • Education
    • BA Hons, English Language