Rachael Grazioplene

PostDoctoral Associate in Clinical Neuroscience in New Haven, Connecticut

I am a Postdoctoral Associate in Clinical Neuroscience at Yale University. I received my PhD from University of Minnesota in the Personality, Individual Differences, and Behavioral Genetics (Psychology) program. My research examines associations between neural phenotypes and human individual differences. I am specifically interested in how normal-spectrum traits and abilities, such as Openness to Experience and creative ability, relate to the positive symptoms of psychosis. I am committed to investigating these traits using a combination of behavioral, neuroimaging, and genetic approaches.

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=1ne9v8sAAAAJ&hl=en


Selected Publications:

Grazioplene RG, Bearden CE, Subotnik KL, Ventura J, Haut K, Nuechterlein KH, Cannon TD. Connectivity-enhanced diffusion analysis reveals white matter density changes in first episode and chronic schizophrenia. NeuroImage. Clinical. 2018

Grazioplene RG, Chavez RS, Rustichini A, DeYoung CG. White matter correlates of psychosis-linked traits support continuity between personality and psychopathology. J Abnorm Psychol. 2016 Nov;125(8):1135-1145.

Grazioplene, R.G., Ryman, S., Jung, R.E., & DeYoung, C.G. (2015) Subcortical intelligence: Caudate volume predicts IQ in healthy adults. Human Brain Mapping.

DeYoung, C.G., Grazioplene, R.G., & Peterson, J.B., (2012) From madness to genius: The Openness/Intellect trait domain as a paradoxical simplex, Journal of Research in Personality, 46(1), 63-78.

Jung, R.E., Grazioplene, R., Caprihan, A., Chavez, R., Haier, R. (2010) White Matter Integrity, Creativity, and Psychopathology: Disentangling Constructs with Diffusion Tensor Imaging. PLoS ONE, 5(3): e9818.

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