Rachana Shakyawar

  • >> I'M : INTEGRATED in nature, Follow the CREATIVITY.
  • OBJECTIVE : I want to be the 'Best Cheerleader' for creativity in the contest of life!
  • GOAL : To perceive 'Love Unconditional' completely, to beam & brim over the heart overflowing with loving returns surprise!
  • TARGET : Learn to use Courage, Creativity & Unique Individuality to make the Dream come true.
  • MISSION : Live in Passion - Live Your Passion! Celebrate Life..
  • VISSION :Tremendous POWER to Warm the Hearts to Humanity & to STIMULATE the service in the perception of BEAUTY through Rachi CREATiONS..

HUMMING TODAY Blog : welcome to amalgamation of inspiration, aspiration, passion, aroma, creativity & compassion at one click _humming today blog!

Creation of Hymns :bliss as being in seventh heaven in hymn, rainbow colours in seven days creations . prose . verse . poems . sonnet . haiku . senryu . rhymes . hymes