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First and foremost I am a mother of 5 beautiful children, who in many situations are my test cases for trialling new tools and ideas. They range in age from Year 4 to University. I love the fact that I can say to them:

I am lucky that they are willing participants and enjoy this, they not only then give me feedback from their perspective but if it is good they then go to school and share them with their friends.

I have been teaching since 1999 and have experienced a number of different schools and teaching roles, in Victoria, NSW and South Australia. I was first involved with Education Technology in 2003 when we were asked as teaching staff to present innovative lessons to our students. I took this as an opportunity to take risks and try a new way of presenting learning opportunities to my students. Following the success of my unit I was asked by the leadership team to become ICT coordinator, and specialist computer teacher. I thrived in this role to the point where I decided that it was time to further my formal qualifications and work on my Masters in Education Technology. I did have the option to complete my Education Leadership Masters Degree, but I believed then as I do now that Education Technology is equally as important in today's climate of teaching and learning and therefore this was my focus. Now I am continuing to develop my leadership skills through technology

Currently I am titled "Digital Learning Leader". This is a role I have had since the beginning of 2016 at Swan Hill College. Among my achievements so far are the development of out Tech Hub which is a dedicated space for high end technology. Throughout the past few years teachers have been developing their curriculum to include these tools and incorporate ICT's and digital learning into all curriculum areas.

I currently lead and support teachers to explore online resources and provide students with authentic learning opportunities that promote engaging learning and skills for the unknown future. I understand the need to incorporate globalisation in teaching and learning, thus my increasing use of social media to improve myself as a teacher and learner, to support others from across the world in their education journey, and increasingly participating in Education Technology podcasts and networks world-wide.

I would love to connect with anyone who concurs with any of my beliefs or interests. Please feel free to use:

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