Rachel Saadia

Haifa, Israel

My name is Rachel I am from Israel, soon I will be 44 years old, as you can see I like to write, it was easy for me, from songs to articles and posts and even short stories.

Om 1999 I descovered the internet and this was a love story.

I am a consumer provider and social activist, On 2010 I started my social network with Facebook and than Twitter, Google Plus and so on. On 2012 I become a webmaster.

I love animals since I remember my self, so I have a dog named Google, I love her and she is special. You can see her photos on the net.

I have hobbies, I like to read books aspecialy science, history and fantasy, I like to watch The History Channel, National Geographic and movies like Startrek, Starwars, Stargate (I am a geek).

And finally you ask your self who is that guy, so this is Patrick Duffy, I am his fan since 1982.

So keep in touch,


  • Work
    • S- tov Group, Sipur Hozer
  • Education
    • webmaster, consumer provider