Rachel Easterly

After graduating summa cum laude from the School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Rachel Easterly gained valuable experience working 12-hour shifts in an emergency room for small animals. As the only veterinarian on duty, Dr. Easterly was responsible for decisively executing the appropriate animal care practices while under duress.

Following a year at the emergency clinic, Rachel Easterly accepted the role of supervising veterinarian with the Sagamore Animal Hospital and the affiliated Piscataqua Animal Hospital. She gained substantial experience in small animal medicine and surgical methods. She next brought her talents to the Hampton Veterinary Hospital, where whe worked as the only full-time veterinarian at the time. Dr. Easterly trained the existing staff in order to raise the quality level of customer service, accurate lab work, and medical care for the small animals. The three clinics are in New Hampshire and Maine.

Having gained experience in varied working environments, Rachel Easterly founded a small business in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, through which she provided her veterinary skills on a relief basis. In this role, Dr. Easterly helped numerous veterinary practices fill their staffing gaps with trained and compassionate medical care. Utilizing her interpersonal skills with the many animals' owners, Dr. Easterly ensured a smooth transfer of care between herself and the resident clinician.

Currently, Rachel Easterly operates a similar veterinary relief service agency in St. Augustine, Florida. Recently, she studied autologous mesenchymal stem cell transplantation through Vet-Stem, Inc., becoming an accredited veterinarian in this emerging field. Dr. Easterly is licensed through the state of Florida to provide veterinary services.

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