Rachel Janea McGinnis

Ocean Activist, Business Owner, and Filmmaker in Palm Beach, FL

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Rachel Janea McGinnis began playing tennis in her early 20s and has participated in several tournaments in Texas and the southeastern United States. Over the years Rachel Janea McGinnis has achieved the highest ranking of 5.0 by the United States Tennis Association.

Rachel Janea McGinnis has also organized and planned several beach cleanups in Southeast Florida. Rachel Janea McGinnis’ passion for the ocean and her desire to keep it beautiful and clean has always been a priority. That passion also has been demonstrated by Rachel Janea McGinnis’ desire to rid the ocean of the invasive Lionfish species. Rachel Janea McGinnis has won several awards for her work in this area.

Rachel Janea McGinnis has also shot amazing video footage of the critically endangered sawfish as well as Sharks meeting in the wild. Some of Rachel Janea McGinnis’ video has been featured on shark week and other national television programs. Most recently Rachel Janea McGinnis was responsible for the design and build-out of South Florida’s newest dive center called Florida SCUBA Divers. Rachel Janea McGinnis’ love for diving and her attention to detail makes Florida Scuba Divers the premier dive shop in the area.